We have designed a bag that makes everyone happy. It makes nature happy because it is made entirely from biodegradable material of plant origin. And it makes you happy because the vegetables inside stay fresh, tasty and crunchy for much longer

compared with normal plastic bags. Vegetables that last longer are healthier, taste better and reduce food waste, saving you and also the environment.
Innovation that takes care of nature.

Fresher for longer.

Thanks to the material it is made from, our innovative eco-friendly pack manages to offer vegetables an optimal balance in its internal level of humidity. It does so via a constant external exchange, keeping vegetables alive and fresh for much longer than the normal bags on the market.

The value on which every choice is based.

The innovation behind our bag, which is able to keep vegetables fresh until they reach your table, is the final link in a virtuous chain that aims to select and maintain the highest level of quality possible at every stage. Indeed, all of our products are a selection of the best gifts that the Earth has to offer us every day.

A healthier earth to eat more healthily.

Our bag is made entirely from biodegradable and environmentally friendly material. The transparent film is a derivative of corn fermentation and it respects the environment, both thanks to the raw material it is made from and thanks to its ecologically sustainable disposal.

Quality starts from the ground.

Our products come from selected and controlled cultivated land with high quality standards. The companies and people that grow and collect our vegetables follow a protocol and methodology that has been conceived to keep the quality of the final product high. Not all vegetables can become “Verdurose”.

From the vegetable patch to your table.

Our products are not processed and so they undergo the lowest number of treatments possible, in order to maintain the highest levels of hygiene, quality and freshness.

Why fresh and whole vegetables in a bag?

The innovative bag that contains our vegetables has two aims: to maintain the hygiene of the vegetables, limiting their contact with other environments until they reach your table; and to significantly increase their duration, thanks to the microclimate and balance of the level of humidity that the bag itself manages to create in a continuous internal and external exchange.

Environmentally friendly, healthy and moving with the times.

Thanks to the innovative bag, Le Verdurose is appreciated by those who care about nature, those who look out for their health and also by those who want to save, avoiding wasting food because it has not been preserved in the correct way.

Our vegetables